We’re opening

puroboho tienda fisica malaga

A cultural journey through our handmade garments.

We are already here! Our store in Malaga capital is already a reality and we want to share it with all of you, because what is done with commitment and enthusiasm
You have to tell it, you have to live it with those you appreciate the most. How fantastic!!

From the Thyseen Environment, specifically from Andrés Pérez Street, 16, we offer our customers a sample of the cultural richness and immense legacy that different civilisations have left throughout history. All this is collected in each of our products, from various places with a very marked idiosyncrasy such as India, North Africa, Latin America, Spain, Portugal and some northern European countries.

tienda boho malaga

Ours is a space that aims to reflect our philosophy, our vintage character and our commitment to manual, artisanal, personal labour. A bet that is not only reflected in each of the items we have (bags, footwear, accessories, costume jewellery and decoration), but is felt in the entire space, with furniture made by an experienced Malaga carpenter.

Our goal, present in everything we do, is to achieve a differentiating and unique style, through the quality and originality of our products, always made with first-class materials and carefully chosen to achieve the optimal result we seek.

In PuroBoho, a Marbella company, we trust in the future projection of our city. Malaga is a city open to culture and tourism, cosy, friendly and inclusive with its visitors. This, added to the increasing influx of tourists in search of new experiences, makes the capital a scenario that responds to our philosophy and our products.

Always looking forward, always offering the best of us.

puroboho tienda malaga