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PuroBoho Philosophy

PuroBoho Philosophy

PuroBoho was born from joining our passion for fashion with our passion for nature, positive energy and sustainable development.

Our vision

We are a team that cares about the social environment, the environment and strives for fair trade and circular economy, so we use quality natural products that can last for several seasons, products that contain recycled materials or products that can be directly recycled for new uses to avoid producing more pollution.

We believe in people and therefore we value and respect each and every one of the people who are part of PuroBoho”.“All those involved in this garment have received a living wage”. That the slogan“No slave labour”“No Child Labour” becomes a reality and does not fall on deaf ears.

craftsman doing manual work

Our mission

We are more than a fashion brand, we represent values and a slow philosophy that loves handcrafted, creative and meticulous work, in which there is room for both traditional and modern fashion, which gives relevance to the environment, the community and artisans and designers who are passionate about what they do, also counting on the work of small and medium-sized companies that share our values.


Our values

  • To be a close, agile and collaborative organisation.
  • We are committed to sustainable communities and societies.
  • A more caring world.
  • Passion, diversity, creativity, commitment.