Where do the banjara bags used by celebrities come from?

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Where do the ethnic-vintage bags called “banjara” that celebrities wear come from?

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The Indian states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, West Bengal etc. are populated with vast numbers of tribes believed to be descendants of the Roma gypsies of Europe who migrated to India via the rugged Afghani terrain and decided their home about 2300 years ago. Since then, its culture has adapted to the climate, terrain and conditions of this place. Their enthusiasm for life continues to be as exciting and adventurous as it was at that time.

How are dresses, bags and accessories made banjara?

Known for their love of bright colours, which we can see in their dresses, bags, footwear and accessories and their traditional way of making them … remember that these garments still continue to be sewn and embroidered by hand, using patchwork elements, delicate laces, threads, mirrors, sequins, etc. making a multicoloured and unique set.


What is the original lowering outfit composed of?

The traditional Banjara women wear Ghaghara (skirt) and Choli (top) decorated with these elements and pair those with traditional silver anklets, heavy necklaces made out of vintage coins and other ornaments made out of ivory, silver, brass, gold, animal bones etc

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These adorn the beautiful men and women who are also known for their dance forms, most famous of these being the Kalbelia dance performed to celebrate joyous moments in the community and are based on stories from folklore and mythology. Happy moments in the community and are based on stories of folklore and mythology.

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The unbelievable flexibility and daringness of the dancers paired with their black dresses adorned with traditional gypsy jewelry while playing with swords and dancing on shards of glasses is what makes this dance form a worldwide attraction and scores of people from all over the world flock to see these Performances when visiting the area.

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